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Mason SBDC provides FREE counseling and training services to small businesses in Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington County, City of Manassas and Richmond.

NOTICE: Due to the current emergency, we have moved all operations online until further notice. 

  • Please contact us via email:
  • For urgent matters, please call  703-261-4105 (Temporary number)
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Cancellation Policy Update: When you schedule an appointment to see one of our counselors, you are holding a spot of someone that may need urgent assistance. In order to be respectful to our other clients, 24-hour notice is required in order to properly cancel an appointment. This policy refers to our business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), not weekends, holidays, or days off. 

  • The first time that this occurs, we will send a “missed appointment” notice. It will then show up on our records that you have missed an appointment, and it will count as strike one, the same thing will occur after the second missed appointment. 
  • If this occurs three times in a row, or three times within a three month timeframe, you will then be unable to schedule an appointment with us for six months.

In order to avoid violating this policy, please either email us at, or give us a call at 703-261-4105. 

Our Services


Launch Your Business

Learn about the Legal and Administrative Steps to Starting a Business, Marketing techniques and much more. We can provide you with a strong foundation that will turn your idea into a successful small business.



In business, there is always room for improvement.  Sit down with a counselor and discuss topics such as: Marketing, Finances and Business, and Strategic planning. We will help you through your business process.

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We have an extensive set of resources available for small business owners and entrepreneurs. These are available through our website and counseling sessions. To learn more, please visit the Resource page. 

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What our client say about us


    When I first started my small business, Mason SBDC was extremely supportive and provided one on one mentoring. They are a great group and I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting a business to consider making an appointment with Mason SBDC.


    Susan is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is an excellent listener, and she focused on giving us the help we were seeking. She was also honest and direct in her appraisal of our business situation without being judgmental. Her advice makes good sense, and we were encouraged to try the approach to licensing that she recommended.

    Paul Tannous
    Score Maestro

    Amazing resource for business coaching! Timm Johnson did a wonderful job helping grow our business and progress through stages of startup and beyond! Reach the SBDC to learn how you can take your business to the next level!


    Bryan Arminio
    Mediavolution Visual Strategies

    Bernard has helped me in countless ways, from making me feel confident that I have set up the right type of company (all the legal & accounting details that accompany that) to supporting me in my marketing efforts. He has helped connect me with the relevant organizations that might want my services and has provided invaluable insight for my website. Just last week he helped reduce my bounce rate by 30%..I have used other services that have been able to help me with specific areas of my business, but Bernard has been my business strategy consultant, not just my legal or accounting advisor.

    Ellen Conover

    Bernard was Outstanding. He is a true professional. I would like to meet him again after I implement a few initiatives.Thanks very much for your program…

    Dan Sheehan
     Davonshire House Security

    We’ve been around for awhile — 10 years — but have never taken advantage of the Mason SBDC’s services.  After 10 years we thought we were pretty smart  and didn’t need any help — but we were at least smart enough to know there might be something available we weren’t taking advantage of.  So we scheduled time with the SBDC and…. wow!  In just 90 minutes, we learned some things that dramatically changed our perspective and approach to our marketing strategy.  Our counselor — Bernard Ferret — is personable, professional, experienced and a fantastic “consultant” for us.  We’ll likely have a greater per-minute ROI from that meeting by orders of magnitude.  Before I left the office, I booked my next session with Bernard.

    If you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been at it for 20 years — if you haven’t scheduled a session with the Mason SBDC — you’re missing a fantastic opportunity.


    Matt Branigan
    Watermark Risk Management International
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